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Configuring Push Notifications
Configuring Push Notifications
Written by Jessie
Updated over a week ago

Allowing Push Notifications

When you sign in for the first time a confirmation message will appear prompting you to Allow push notifications. It’s important you select Allow, as the Foodkit system will use Push Notifications to notify you in real-time when new orders are received. If Push Notifications are not allowed there may be some delay in receiving alerts for incoming orders.

Troubleshooting Push Notifications

When the Foodkit app is installed and push notifications permission is granted as above, please make sure that the push notifications are correctly configured. In Settings, go to “Notifications” and find “Foodkit” on the right panel.

Tap “Foodkit” and you will see the notification configuration for the Foodkit app. Please make sure that:

  • “Allow notifications” is on

  • “Sound” is on

  • “Badge” is on

  • Alert lock screen and alert notifications center are checked

  • Show preview is set to “Always.”

When configured correctly, it should look as follows:

Finally, you should also verify that the device volume is set correctly and "do not disturb" mode is switched off.

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