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After confirming the customer information, selecting the order type and pressing Next, the user will be redirected to the Address portion of the order creation process. This screen will be slightly different based on the order type.

Address for Delivery orders

For Delivery orders, the user must provide the delivery address for the customer. If this is an existing customer record, a list of previously-used addresses will be shown from which the user may pick one. If this is a new customer account or the customer is ordering from a new location, a new address can be added by clicking the Add New Address button. The exact geopoint for the address should also be selected from the adjoining map, as this will be used to perform the delivery.

After the address is finalised, the user must select the branch from the Branch Selection drop-down. This list will be sorted by distance from the delivery address (with the nearest branch/branches appearing first) and will indicate which branches service the provided delivery address based on your configured service areas. After the branch is selected you may progress to the next step by clicking Next.

Address for Pickup Orders

For Pickup orders no address is required, but the user must select the fulfilling restaurant branch from the Branch Selection drop-down. This is the restaurant from which the food will be picked up.

Getting Latitude and Longitude (from Google Maps)

  1. Open Google Maps, and go to the exact location you need.

  2. On the address bar, you see there are lat, lng populated. Highlight them (see example image below) and copy.

  3. Paste them to the Latitude, Longitude box at the bottom right of the address model on Foodkit CSD and press Enter (or Return).

For Google Maps Enterprise Subscribers

If Google Maps is enabled for your Foodkit installation, you will also be presented with a search field on the Add/Edit address form. You can enter a street address or building name into this field to perform a lookup against the Google Maps API database, and if an entry is found, you can click on it to autopopulate both the address fields and the latitude and longitude. If you would like more information about enabled Google Maps for your Foodkit installation please contact your account manager.

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