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Step 2 - Customer Info & Order Type
Step 2 - Customer Info & Order Type
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On this page you will confirm the customer’s information (if an existing user) or enter the new customer’s details (if creating a new profile), and then select the order type and scheduling information.

For Order type there are two options: Delivery and Pickup. For the scheduling there are also two options: Now (ASAP) (which should be used when the customer wants the food immediately) and Scheduled (for pre-orders). If Scheduled is selected, you must also provide the date and time the customer wishes to pick-up the food or have the food delivered.

Order type

Order scheduling

Edit customer details

The customer information can be added (for new users) or edited (for existing users) from the first page of the order creation wizard. The name, phone number, email and preferred language can be selected. The phone number and email must be unique.

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