Step 1 - Select Customer
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The first step in the order creation wizard is to select the customer for whom the order is being created. You can search by phone number or email if the customer already has an account with your brand, or you can click on New customer to create a new account for them.


Existing Customer

To select an existing customer, enter their full phone number or email address into the search field and then click on the customer’s profile in the list when it appears. If the user’s profile cannot be found, you should double check that the phone number or email address has been entered correctly. If after confirming the details the customer’s profile is still not accessible, an account does not exist for that phone number or email address and so you should click New customer to create a new one.


New Customer

If you wish to create a new account for the customer, click + New Customer and you will proceed to the first step of the order creation process with a blank customer profile form, which you should fill out before proceeding to the next step.

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