One of the most important columns in the CSPro order list is the Assigned column, which indicates which Foodkit user is currently responsible for managing that order. An order must be assigned to a user for that user to make any changes to it. This prevents multiple customer service agents from accidentally “double handling” a single order.

When an order is first created, it is marked as “unassigned” which means no customer service agent is currently responsible for it. A Foodkit user may click on the “Assign” button for an unassigned order to assign it to themselves. An order can only be assigned to a single user at any time.


Assigned to Modal

After clicking on the “Assign” button for an unassigned order, a confirmation message will appear. When the user clicks OK, the dialog will close and the order will be assigned to the currently logged-in user.


Unassign Myself

If the customer service agent wishes to remove an order assignment, they can click on the profile icon under the Assigned column and then click on Unassign on the dialog window that appears. The order will return to the unassigned state.

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