Payment Column
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Foodkit supports multiple different payment types, which are displayed within the payment column on the main dashboard.

Payment type:

  1. Cash - This is an order where the user has selected to pay with cash on delivery

  2. Payment Links - Foodkit Payment Links is an add-on module that allows your call centre staff to send a link to the customer to a secure website where the customer can input their credit card details for payment

  3. Credit cards - This indicates a credit card payment has been made

  4. Cash via 3PL payment service - an order that the customer has elected to pay via cash on delivery and will be paid-for by the delivery driver when they arrive at the restaurant to pick up the food. This is an optional service offered by some logistics partners that enables you to collect cash on delivery from customers without relying on daily cash reconciliation with drivers.

  5. Bank Transfer - The customer is payment by bank transfer

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