The first column of the order list on the CSPro also indicates the order channel via an icon, which is the channel through which the order is received.

The possible values here depend on which channels are enabled for your Foodkit account, but typically they include:

  • Globe icon = web. The order was placed via the website.

  • iPhone icon = iOS. The order was created via the native iOS application.

  • Android icon = Android. The order was created via the native Android application.

  • Headset icon = phone order. The order was manually injected via the CSD (see Order Creation).

Order Reference

The order reference is displayed next to the order channel icon. This is a unique identifier which is shared with the customer and should be used in all communications/support requests with the customer.

The order reference takes the following format:

  • 3 character branch code. This is unique to each restaurant branch.

  • 4 character timestamp, with a 2 digit year and 2 digit month (e.g: 2002 for February 2020).

  • 5 character sequence number. This is incremented by 1 for every order placed at the branch.

Updated Indicator

Underneath the order reference there will be a blue “updated” label if the order has been updated by customer service. If this label is not shown, the order has not been changed since it was created.

POS Status

If you have a POS integration enabled for your Foodkit instance, the POS status for the order will be shown above the order status label. This POS status label will show “Waiting” when the order is first created and then “OK” when it has been successfully sent to the POS system. If you click on the “OK” label, a pop-over will appear that shows the reference number of the order according to the third-party POS.

Note this status will show the text “Error” in red if there is a problem sending the order to the POS. In case of POS errors you should check basic connectivity with the POS system (e.g is the POS system powered on and connected to the network). If connectivity cannot be restored, reach out to technical support.

If you would like more information about integrating your Foodkit instance with a third-party POS provider, please get in contact with your account manager.

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