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The first column in the CSPro order list shows three important pieces of information. The first is the order status, which is shown as a colour-coded label (“Pending” in the screenshot). The second is the order channel, which is depicted as an icon (the globe icon in the screenshot). The last is the order reference number, which is the 12 character alphanumeric identifier shown underneath the order status and directly to the right of the order channel icon.

Each of these elements is discussed in more detail below.

Order Status Label

The order status label communicates the current status of the order. The possible values for order status are:

  • Scheduled: the order has been received but is not due for fulfilment yet (pre-orders only).

  • Unverified: the order has been received but needs to be approved by the customer service team before being sent to the restaurant (only valid when the Customer Service Dashboard is in-use).

  • Pending: the order has been sent to the restaurant but not yet accepted by the staff.

  • Vendor Accepted: the restaurant staff has accepted the order and is currently cooking/fulfilling it.

  • Driver Accepted: the driver has accepted the job and is on the way to the restaurant (delivery orders only).

  • Dispatched: the driver has taken the food from the restaurant and is on the way to deliver it to the customer (delivery orders only).

  • Completed: the order has been fulfilled (delivered or picked up).

  • Waiting for payment: the order has been created, but not yet paid for (credit card orders only).

  • Payment link sent: the order has been created and a payment link has been sent, but no payment has been received yet (payment link orders only).

  • Cancelled: the order was cancelled.

Clicking on the order status label will open the order status window from where the order timeline can be viewed and the order status can be forcibly updated.

Order Status Window

After clicking on the status label for a particular order from the CSD list, you will be taken to the status window for that order. This window shows a timeline, which highlights the current status of the order and shows timestamps for all previous statuses (which shows the time that the order moved from one status to the next).

From this page you can click on a specific order state in the timeline to for the order to that state. You can also cancel the order from this page by clicking on the Cancel order button which will open the order cancellation dialog.

Cancel Order Dialog

After clicking on Cancel order from the order status window, you will see the Cancel order dialog. This will prompt you to enter a cancellation reason and to also indicate whether the cancellation was by request of the restaurant or the customer (this is used for reporting purposes).

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