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The Settings link under the navigation menu will take you to a page where you can set various configuration parameters for the Order Manager Pro. These parameters control your account information (contact details, preferred languages, etc.), restaurant ordering settings, outlet availability and various usability settings.

Account Details


Under the Account Details page you can control the phone number and contact information for the Order Manager Pro. In order to change these details, simply press on the relevant input field, use the keypad to update the field and then press the Save button in the top right hand corner.

You can also change the password for the current logged-in user by pressing on the Change Password button. You will be prompted to enter the current password, as well as the desired new password and password confirmation. After you’ve entered these three fields the password will be updated, and should be used for your next log-in attempt.



The Switchboard panel under the Settings page enables you to control the following settings for your restaurant:

  • Restaurant Open: this setting controls whether ordering is enabled for the restaurant outlet. If it is turned off, customers will not be able to order from the restaurant.

  • Real-time Ordering: if this control is on, customers can place real-time orders for this restaurant location. If it is off, real-time ordering is disabled for this location.

  • Scheduled Ordering: if this control is on, customers can place scheduled orders (also known as pre-orders) for this location.

Note that turning off real-time ordering and scheduled ordering will effectively disable all ordering abilities for the restaurant outlet (the same effect as switching Restaurant Open to the off position).

Operational Settings

Under the Switchboard are the Operational Settings. These settings are described below:

  • Acceptance/Preparation Time: allows you to configure which preparation time options are available to users of the Order Manager Pro when accepting orders.

  • Delivery Hours: the daily scheduled hours for which this restaurant is available to accept orders. If a customer tries to place an order outside of these hours, the customer will receive an error message and be prompted to create a scheduled order instead.

  • Order Minimum: this controls the minimum “Basket Size” for orders created for this restaurant location. If customers try to create an order for a total less than this amount, their order will be rejected with an error message notifying them of the minimum order total.

Preparation Time


The Acceptance/Preparation Time settings enable you to configure which options are available when you are accepting a recently received order. The user interface provides you with 3 buttons that represent different preparation times. By default these options will be 30, 35 and 60 minutes, but you can change the defaults from this menu so it’s easier to select shorter or longer preparation times quickly.

Note that the user can also tap on the More Options button when accepting an order to provide a custom preparation time. Setting different defaults from the Acceptance/Preparation Time settings menu just makes it quicker and easier if you anticipate options other than the default settings will be more frequently used by Order Manager Pro users.

Delivery Hours


The Delivery (ordering) Hours section under settings enables you to define the hours within which your restaurant is able to receive orders. If the customer tries to order outside of these configured time slots, they will be presented with an error message which offers them the alternative of creating a pre-order for a later date/time when the restaurant will be open to accept orders.

Add Delivery Hours


Upon opening the Delivery Hours page you will be presented with the current ordering slots, which are sorted by day with the day-name on the far left hand side and the hours (time slot) on the far right hand side.

To adjust the slots for a specific day, press on the day name and you will be redirected to the Edit view for the time slots for that day.

Whilst on the Edit view for a specific day, you can press on the red icon on the far right hand side of the page to delete an existing slot. You can also adjust an existing slot’s start or end time by pressing on the relevant slot (start or end) and adjusting the time via the time selector that appears at the bottom of the screen. Finally, you can create a new time slot by pressing on + Add Opening Hours and adjusting the start and end times (as if you were editing an existing slot). When you wish to save the slots press the Save button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Order Minimum


The order minimum controls the smallest order which a customer can create for this restaurant outlet. If a customer tries to create an order for an amount less than the minimum, they will receive an error message notifying them that the order total is too low and they will be informed of the minimum amount.



Not adjustable at the moment.

Logging Out


When you have finished using the Order Manager Pro (e.g: at close of business) you can press on the Log Out button in the navigation to log out of the Order Manager Pro. After logging out you will need to re-enter your username and password to start using the Order Manager Pro again.

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