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Product List
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The Products List shows all of the menu items that have been added for your restaurant. Each item includes a thumbnail image, the product title, price and (if relevant) the inventory status of the menu item.

You can tap on individual menu items to navigate to the detail view for that product.


At the very top of the Product List is a search bar which can be used to perform a text-based search of the menu. Simply type a full or partial product or category title into the search bar and press the submit button (magnifying glass icon on the left hand side of the search bar).

When a search filter is applied the Product List will be limited to menu items that match against the search criteria. You can remove the filter by pressing on the cross icon (โ€œXโ€) on the right hand side of the search field.

View toggle

While viewing the Product List you can toggle between a card-based layout and a table-based layout by pressing the icon at the very right-most of the search field. The icon will change to reflect the alternative layout method which can be enabled by pressing it. The icon will be either:

  1. 9 dots in a grid layout, representing the card-based view.

  2. 3 dots and 3 lines in a list layout, representing the table-based view.

The layout will default to the card-based view, which is best for smaller menus as it uses a larger amount of screen real estate for each menu item (because of the large thumbnail image). The table-based layout is better for large menus, as it uses less screen real estate per menu item, allowing you to fit more items on the same size screen.


When the table-based view is selected, menu items will be laid-out in a list with one menu item per row. Because it uses less space per menu item and is more regularly structured (cards do not grow/shrink based on product title length) it is better for viewing larger menus.

Product Details


After pressing on a menu item from the Product list (in either list or card based configuration) you will be redirected to the Product details view for that menu item.

This page shows all of the key product information and allows you to control the inventory status for the menu item.

Enable/Disable a Product


If you wish to mark a product as out-of-stock (so it cannot be purchased by customers) you can press on the Enabled/Disabled toggle button.


When a product has been marked as out-of-stock, a red indicator will appear on the list view to show that the product is no longer available for purchase.

Switch Product Language


On the Product Details view you can press the language tabs at the top of the information panel to change the language of the content which is presented. Note that these tabs will not appear if multi-language support is not enabled for your Foodkit installation. Please contact your account manager if you would like more information about multilingual support.

View Product Modifiers


If product modifiers are configured for the current product, you can view them and control their inventory status by pressing on the modifier name under Modifier Sets on the Product Details page. This will open a modal window which indicates all of the available options, along with their price (if set) and a checkbox which can be checked or unchecked to control whether the option is available for selection by customers.

Enable/Disable a Modifier


To enable or disable a modifier option, simply tap on the name of the modifier under the Modifier Sets heading, and then check/uncheck the option on the modal window which appears.

Modifier options with a green check mark are considered active, and so can be selected by customers for purchase. If the check mark is missing, the modifier option is not available and cannot be selected by a customer for purchase.

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