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After successfully logging in you will see the Orders view. The Orders view is split into three separate pages for different order types: Orders, Preorders and Completed orders. You can change the page by pressing on one of the three tabs at the top of the screen.

Active Orders

The first page on the Orders view (and the one selected by default) is the active orders page. This shows a list of all in-progress orders with those that need to be most-urgently actioned at the top. The list is split into three sections:

New Orders

The first section of the page shows New Orders, which are those that have just been received but have not yet been accepted by the restaurant branch. All New Orders will be tagged as "Urgent" otherwise, for Pre-orders, "Delivery<time>" will be displayed.

You can press on a specific order from this list to open the Order Details page, which is used to view information about the order and to Accept or Reject it.


The next section of page shows Accepted Orders, which are those that have been accepted by the restaurant already, but have not moved to the next status (delivering for delivery orders, completed for pick up orders).

You can also press on a specific order from this list to open the Order Details page.


The final section of the page shows Delivering Orders. These are orders that have been picked up by the delivery driver and are currently enroute to the customer. Note that pickup orders will never appear under this section (it is relevant for delivery orders only).

You can also press on a specific order from this list to open the Order Details page.

Scheduled Orders

The second tab under the Orders view shows scheduled orders and is accessed by pressing the Pre-order tab at the top of the page.

Scheduled orders are those that have been pre-ordered by the customer in the past for fulfillment at a specified date and time in the future.

Pre-orders will appear under this tab until 1 hour before the fulfillment time, upon which they will become active and will be moved to the first tab, Orders.

Note that "Pre-orders" are not automatically accepted when it is moved to Active Orders, vendors can still choose to reject the order an 1 hour before the scheduled order.

Completed Orders

The third and final tab on the Orders view is for Completed Orders. This shows a reverse-chronological list of every order that has ever been completed or cancelled for the restaurant branch.

Because it is a historical view the list can be very long so filters have been added to simplify navigating the list and finding specific orders.


You can search for historical orders on the Completed tab by entering a text search query, which can include either the customer’s phone number, name or email address, or an exact order reference number.



You can also filter the Completed Orders list by status, showing only orders that were successfully completed (delivered or picked up) or those that were declined (cancelled). You can reset this filter by pressing on the Show all option.

Date Selector


It is also possible to filter the Completed Orders page to only show orders placed during a specified date range. You can do this by pressing on the calendar icon directly to the right of the search field and setting either a start date, an end date, or both. The date range can then be reset by pressing on the calendar icon to open the Select Date Range window and then pressing on the trash can icon in the top right hand corner of the window.

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