One of the major benefits of engaging with customers through native applications is the ability to send targeted push notifications. If the user has downloaded your iOS/Android app and permitted the sending of push notifications after installation, you can send push notifications at any time for no cost.

The Foodkit platform provides a comprehensive suite of segmenting tools so you can send targeted push messages to the specific groups of users in their preferred language.


Push notifications list explanation

Clicking Push Notifications from the marketing menu will open the list of previously sent push notifications sorted in reverse chronological order (most recently sent messages first). Each row shows the following information:

  • Status: the status of the message. This shows whether the message was sent, is scheduled to be sent, was cancelled or failed for some reason.

  • Title/message: the contains the heading of the push notification and the body of the message (if set). This is the text that will appear to the user when they open their device to view the notification after receiving an alert.

  • Recipients: the segmenting parameters (if set), which controls who will receive the notification.

  • Created by: the email address or username of the Foodkit user who created the push notification.

  • Total sent: the number of push notifications that were sent.

  • Send/Sent at: the date and time that the notification was sent or is scheduled to be sent (if in the future).


Create Push Notification

You can click the Create Push Notification button to open a form where a new push notification can be created for immediate or scheduled sending.

Title and Message

The Title is the main heading which will appear in the notification bar when the push notification is received by the user. The message is the text underneath the heading which may be truncated on the user’s home screen (depending on operating system and settings).



The Language setting allows you to segment your user-base by preferred language. Setting it to a language will make sure only users who have specified that as their preferred language will receive it.


Loyalty Members Push Notifications

If the loyalty program module is enabled for your Foodkit license, you can create push notifications that are sent specifically to customers who have registered for your loyalty program. To do so, click the Send push notification only for VIP members checkbox when creating a new push notification.



The filter section allows you to specify behavioural segmenting rules for your push notification. You can limit the push notification to be sent to customers who have purchased within a specific range of times, or who have not purchased since a specified time in the past.


Number of Purchases

To send the push notification only to customers who have completed a certain number of purchases, you can select Total number of purchases over all time and then enter a lower and upper bound. If one of the bounds is omitted, customers will only be filtered by the other bound. For example: From (empty) To 5 would include all customers who have purchased 0 - 5 times.


Inactive Since a Specific Date/Time

You can attempt to reactivate customers who have not purchased within a specific period of time by using the No purchases since a specified date filter. If this option is selected, only customers who have completed no purchases since the entered date and time will receive the push notification.


Schedule Push Notification

Ordinarily push notifications will be sent immediately after they are created. If you wish to schedule for a later time/date, you can select the Scheduled option and enter the date and time in the fields below. Note the default timezone for your restaurant brand will be used.


Cancelling scheduled push notification

If you wish to cancel a scheduled push notification before the sending time, you may click the Cancel button on the push notifications list page. You will be prompted to confirm the cancellation.

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