Modifiers are used to provide customers with the ability to customize the food they order. Modifier sets are created under Menu, and then applied to one or more menu items via the Modifiers section on the add/edit menu item page.

When the customer attempts to add a menu item to their shopping cart that has one or more modifier sets assigned to it, they will be presented with the list of modifier sets and prompted to select options for each.

Each modifier set consists of the following:

  • A name which defines the modifier set (e.g: Toppings)

  • A set of options which can be selected within the modifier set (e.g: Cheese, Tomato, Bacon) with optional prices and SKUs

  • Rules which define how many of the options may be selected by the customer for the modifier set.

Search Modifier

Upon opening the modifiers page, you are presented with a list of the currently configured modifier sets. You can search for a specific modifier set by entering a full or partial modifier set name in the search field.

Modifiers List Explanation


Each row in the table corresponds with a single modifier set. Under the Options column the list of options for that modifier set is displayed as a list. The Applied to column shows the number of menu items that have that particular modifier set assigned to them.


By clicking the gear icon next to a modifier set a list of actions will appear:

  • Assign item: assign the modifier set to one or more menu items.

  • Edit: update the details (including the available options) for a modifier set.

  • Delete: remove the modifier set from the menu. Note that this can only be done for modifier sets that are no longer assigned to any menu items.

Create Modifier

A new modifier set (and its associated list of options and rules) can be created by clicking on the Add Modifier button.

Add/Edit Modifier


When you select Add Modifier or click Edit on an existing modifier you will be presented with the Add/Edit modifier page. This page is broken into three different parts:

  1. Modifier set name

  2. Options

  3. Modifier set rules

Modifier Set Name

This is the text description of the modifier set that will be presented to customers. It should clearly articulate what aspect of the menu item they are customizing (e.g: Size, Toppings, Add-ons, etc.)

If multiple languages are enabled translations should be entered for each language.


Underneath the modifier set name is a table which contains rows for each of the selectable options for the modifier set. Each option has the following characteristics:

  • Modifier Name: this is the name of the option that will be presented to the customer when they go to select one or more options for the modifier set. Translations can also be added if multiple languages are enabled.

  • Price: an optional add-on price can be included for each modifier option. If the price is non-zero, when the customer selects this option the price will be added on-top of the existing product price.

  • SKU: an optional SKU can be added for POS and/or ERP integration purposes.

  • Default: if this flag is enabled, the modifier option will be selected by default for the modifier set. There can be only 1 default per modifier set.

  • Is Enabled: this flag enables you to easily disable options if they should not be shown to the user or selectable.

Modifier Set Rules


The section at the bottom of the page allows you to enforce minimum and/or maximum limits on how many options can be selected by a customer for this particular modifier set.

Note that if a required minimum is provided (i.e: non-zero), the customer cannot add the item to the shopping cart without selecting at least that many options for the modifier set. Likewise, if a maximum modifier number is set, the customer is restricted from selecting more than that amount of options.

Assign Items

When Assign Items is clicked a window will appear from which one or multiple menu items can be selected. Selecting a menu item from this list will assign the modifier set to that menu item. Note that specific products can be easily located by typing the full or partial name of the product you wish to select. Click Apply to items to save the changes or Cancel to close the window without making the assignment.

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