The orders list table shows each order in a single row with key information displayed in each column.


This column shows a colour-coded label depicting the current status of each order. Possible statuses include:

  • Scheduled: the order has been received but is not due for fulfilment yet (pre-orders only).

  • Unverified: the order has been received but needs to be approved by the customer service team before being sent to the restaurant (only valid when the Customer Service Dashboard is in-use).

  • Pending: the order has been sent to the restaurant but not yet accepted by the staff.

  • Accepted by Vendor: the restaurant staff has accepted the order and is currently cooking/fulfilling it.

  • Accepted by Driver: the driver has accepted the job and is on the way to the restaurant (delivery orders only).

  • Dispatched: the driver has taken the food from the restaurant and is on the way to deliver it to the customer (delivery orders only).

  • Completed: the order has been fulfilled (delivered or picked up).

  • Waiting for payment: the order has been created, but not yet paid for (credit card orders only).

  • Payment link sent: the order has been created and a payment link has been sent, but no payment has been received yet (payment link orders only).

  • Cancelled: the order was cancelled.


Order #

This is the Foodkit reference number for the order (e.g AB1-200100001). A Foodkit order reference number consists of:

  • A 3-character alphanumeric “branch code” (e.g AB1)

  • 4-digit year and month timestamp (e.g 2001 for January 2020)

  • A 5-digit order sequence number for the restaurant branch. This number is increased by 1 every time a new order is created for a specific restaurant branch.


The time and date the order was placed by the customer in the timezone of the restaurant branch.


The full name of the customer who placed the order.


The payment type. Possible values include:

  • COD (Cash on Delivery)

  • Credit Card

  • Card on File

  • Payment link

  • Bank transfer

  • External credit card

  • Other


The type describes the scheduling method and fulfilment type of the order. The scheduling time will be either realtime (order was requested for delivery/pickup as soon as possible) or scheduled (order was requested for delivery/pickup at a specific date and time in the future). The fulfillment type will be either delivery or pickup.


The total amount (including all fees, taxes and discounts) charged to the customer for the order.

Action Button

By clicking on the gear icon the user can see a drop-down containing the actions which can be performed on the order.

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