Tags are used to classify and group food items based on common attributes. They differ from categories in that a single product can have multiple tags assigned to it. Tags are commonly leveraged in order to provide filtering capabilities to consumers based on their preferences and nutritional requirements (e.g vegan, vegetarian, halal).

Tags list explanation


Opening the tags page will show a list of the currently available tags, along with a number in the Items column which communicates the number of menu items that currently have the tag assigned.

Create new tag

You can create a new tag by clicking on Create new tag and entering the name of the tag (and, if multiple languages are enabled, any translations).

Edit tag

Clicking on the gear icon on the far right of the list and selecting Edit enables you to update the name of the tag (and any translations if set).

Delete tag

You can delete the tag by clicking on the gear icon on the far right of the list and selecting Delete. Note that as with categories, tags can only be deleted if they are not currently assigned to any menu items.

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