Announcements provide you with the ability to show important marketing messages to customers front-and-centre when they open your website or mobile app.

Announcements are text and/or image-based messages which appear in a “pop-up” style window when customers first open your website or mobile application.


Announcements List Explanation

Clicking on Announcements in the marketing menu will open a table containing all of the marketing announcements that have been created in the platform for your restaurant. Each row has the following information:

  • Order: a numerical value which indicates the “priority” of the announcement. If there are multiple announcements running concurrently, those with a lower “order” value will appear to the customer first.

  • Message: the heading and body text of the announcement.

  • Channel(s): announcements can be displayed on app, web, or on both channels.

  • Image: each announcement can have an optional image which is displayed below the heading. If there is an image associated with the announcement, a thumbnail of the image is displayed here.

  • Validity: it’s possible to specify a date and time range for display of the announcement. If a start and/or end date and time range is provided it will be shown under this heading.

  • Status: this shows whether the announcement is enabled or disabled. If the announcement is disabled, it will not appear to consumers in any channels.

  • Action list: by clicking on the gear icon at the far right of the row you can open a list of actions which can be performed on the announcement. These actions include: Edit, Enable/Disable and Delete.


Add an Announcement

You can add a new announcement by clicking on the Add Announcement button on the list page. This will take you to a form where you can start entering all the details for your announcement message.

Heading, Message and CTA Button

The first details you will need to enter upon adding/editing an announcement are the text content of the message. This includes:

  • Heading: the heading is the large text that will appear below the image (if image is provided) and above the message.

  • Message: the message contains one or more paragraphs of text which will appear at the bottom of the announcement (but above the call to action button).

  • Call to action button label (optional): if a call to action is enabled, you can define the text that will appear on the button.

Note that heading, message and call to action button label are all translatable fields. If you have multiple languages enabled on your Foodkit license, you can enter different content for each language by selecting the variation from the top selector.

Image Upload

Each announcement can have a single image associated with it. If provided, the image will appear below the message text but above the call to action button.


Enable/Disable & Active date

Underneath the content and image is a settings panel from which you can control the visibility of the announcement. You can enable/disable the announcement entirely, or provide dates for when the announcement should be active.

If a start date is set, the announcement will not be shown to customers before this date and time. If a end date is set, the announcement will be automatically hidden after this date.


Publishing Channels

You can also control which channels the announcement should be shown on. By default both channels (web and apps) are enabled. If you wish to hide from one of these channels you can uncheck the relevant option.



The Order of an announcement determines in what sequence it will appear to the customer when there are two or more concurrently active announcements. To make the announcement appear earlier, make this number lower (e.g “1” will appear first).

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