What are VIP promotions?

The VIP promotions page allows you to configure extra points earning campaigns on a per-branch basis. Note that this feature is specifically for offline (dine-in) transactions only, so is dependent on a two-way POS integration with the Foodkit platform. Please contact your account manager if you wish to discuss the POS integration and feasibility of using VIP promotions for your specific use-case in more detail.


Add new VIP promotion

In order to create a new VIP Promotion you should click on the Add new promotion button. On the new promotion page, you will need to provide a “multiplier”.



The Multiplier is the number that will be used to multiply the points earned by members at a specific branch for the duration of the VIP promotion.

For example: If you set the multiplier to 2, when a member completes an offline (in-store) transaction at the branch, they will receive 2 times the points they would normally receive.


Branch code

The Branch codes input field should be a comma separated list of branch identifiers, as configured via the POS integration.

Note that it is very important that the branch code matches the external branch identifier which is used in the POS integration exactly. If you’re unsure about this setting please consult your account manager.


Active date

The Active date defines the period that the campaign is active. If unset, the campaign is assumed to be perpetual (always running). If you set a start date, the promotion will only apply after that date. Setting an end date will stop the promotion running after that date.


Edit & delete VIP promotion

You can also Edit or Delete existing VIP promotions by clicking the gear icon on the right side of the list item.

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