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Categories are used to define the different types of menu items your restaurant sells. Categories define how menu items are grouped and presented to the customer and usually correspond with the different sections of your in-store menu (e.g: Breakfast, Mains, Desserts, etc.)

Categories List Explanation

Upon opening the category editor, a list of the currently entered categories is displayed. There is also a number in the Items column which indicates the number of menu items currently assigned to that category.

Category Ordering


The ordering of categories can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the icon on the far left of each row. This controls the order in which the categories are presented to the customer on the website and in the mobile applications.

Add New Category

You can Add a New Category by clicking on the Add New Category button.

Edit and Delete Category

Category details can be edited by clicking first on the gear icon on the far right of the list and then the Edit Category option.

A category can be removed by clicking on the gear icon on the far right of the list and then selecting Delete Category.

Note: categories can only be removed if there are no menu items currently assigned to the category.

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