The Product Upsells menu enables you to create association rules between menu items that will be used to provide upsell suggestions to customers during checkout.

For example, you can create an upsell rule to suggest the purchase of a beverage or dessert when a customer is attempting to checkout with a main meal in the shopping cart.

Upsell Rules

After clicking on the Product Upsell submenu item under marketing you’ll see a list of any existing product upsell rules. Each rule consists of:

  • A “target” category or tag. When a customer adds a product assigned to the product or category to the shopping cart, the rule will be triggered.

  • One or more upsell products. These are the recommendations that will be presented to the customer when the rule is triggered.

Add New Upsell

You can add a new Upsell rule by clicking on Add Upsell at the top right-hand side of the screen.


Choose Tag/Category

An upsell rule can be applied to either a category (e.g Mains, Desserts, etc.) or a tag (e.g Vegan, Halal, etc.).


This is the “trigger” for the rule. When a customer adds an item from this category/tag to the shopping cart, the rule will be used to suggest related products.

You can also check out: Tags for a step-by-step guide on how to configure tags on your dashboard.

Choose Products

After choosing a category or tag, you can select the product recommendations that will be used when the rule is applied. You can click Add product to select one or more products to be added to the list of recommendations or click on the trash can icon to the very far right of a product in the list to remove it from the list of recommendations.


Edit Upsell

You can also change an existing upsell rule by clicking on the category or tag name (presented in blue text) on the upsells list page. Doing so will take you to the Edit upsell page where you can modify the category/tag or add/remove products from the recommendation list.

Delete Upsell

If you wish to remove an upsell rule entirely, you can click on the trash can icon on the far right hand side of the upsell rule on the upsells list page. Once the rule is deleted it will no longer be used to present product recommendations to customers.

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