Within the Foodkit Loyalty program, customers earn digital stamps by ordering online with your brand which allows them to be rewarded with a targeted gift, discount, or exclusive deal after completing the predetermined number of purchases within the loyalty program.

You can manage rewards for your brand by clicking on the Rewards submenu item underneath the Loyalty main menu item.

Add New Step

To add a new step, you can click on the Add New Step button at the lower left hand side of the page. This will open a blank form into which you can enter the details for the reward.

Activate Rewards

To enable or disable an existing reward, you can click on the gear icon on the far right hand side of the page and then select the Activate Rewards option. Disabling the reward will remove it from the loyalty program dashboard for all users and prevent further redemptions. If you wish to reinstate the reward you can reverse the action by clicking on the gear icon.

Reward Details

After clicking on Add New Step or simply editing an existing reward, you will be taken to the Reward details page. There are a number of form fields on this page that will control the behaviour of the reward. Each of these is discussed in more detail below.

Rewards Type

Each row in the rewards list represents a single reward that can be created for your loyalty program.

  • No Reward: No reward is earned for this particular milestone.

  • Fixed Amount: A fixed amount of discount is applied on each product when the conditions are met.

  • Percentage: A fixed percentage of discount is applied on each product when the conditions are met.

  • Free Delivery: Delivery to the recipient's address without charging the recipient.

  • Free Products: A free item is given when the conditions are met.

  • No discount: A coupon code is awarded which can be applied to orders but offers no monetary discount. This can be used to offer perks and benefits in-person at the restaurant.

Rewards Title and Description

After the reward type, the next section of the add/edit reward page is the Title and Description. These are both customer-facing settings and should describe the type of reward (via the title) and the details of reward redemption (via the description, which should include any terms and conditions).


Additional Rewards Modifiers

After the Reward Title and Description, user can also opt to add additional modifier for the specific reward.

Reward Expiration

Under the Reward Expiration options you can set restrictions on when the reward will be available for the members:

  • Choose a reward expiration period: if this date is provided, the reward will expire after the chosen time period. (Admin can choose between Days, Months and Years).

  • Number of 'days, months or years': the reward will expire after the specified number of Days, Months and Years. (Note that this also applies to rewards already earned by members - they will expire after this date.)

    Minimum Order Value

    Under the Reward options, user can set a minimum order value on when the reward will be earned by the members:


    Offers a countdown period on the availability of the reward.

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