Date Selector
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Under the Home Page, you will see the Date Selector (in the top right corner) which allows you to set a date range for your data to be displayed on the dashboard.

The Foodkit selector allows you to quickly select date ranges i.e. Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days etc. Or, alternatively, you can choose a “Custom Range”


Date Selector - Custom Range

Click on “Custom Range” within the Date Selector drop-down and the window will expand.

You can now move between the months by clicking on the arrows, “<” or “>”.

Within the calendar view, click on the date you want to begin your custom date range, followed by the date you wish to end your custom date range. The selected date range should look something like this (19th of Feb 2020 to the 28th Feb 2020):


Click “Apply” to display updated graphs and data on the dashboard.

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