The Foodkit Core Platform supports the creation of “Promotions” which can be used to offer your customers discounts when they meet certain rules or perform certain behaviour.

Out of the box, Foodkit provides a limited number of promotion types, but this can be expanded by custom development to implement restaurant/brand specific promotional campaigns according to your specific requirements. Please contact your account manager to discuss in more detail.

Promotions List Explanation

After clicking on the Promotions menu item you will be presented with a list of all configured promotions for your restaurant. Each row has the following columns:

  • Rank: a numerical ranking for the promotion. This determines the order in which it will be presented to customers on the “promotions” page on the web and in-app (if relevant).

  • Title: the name of the promotion, which is presented to the customer and used in the Foodkit platform to identify the promotion.

  • Promotion type: the specific type of promotion. The “type” defines the rules for eligibility of the promotion as well as the type of discount the customer will receive.

  • Valid date: if there is a date range for eligibility of the promotion, the start and end dates will be shown in this row.

  • Thumbnails: if there is an image associated with the promotion, a thumbnail of the image is shown here.

  • Action list: the gear icon can be clicked to expand a list of actions that can be performed on the promotion. Clicking on the action list allows you to either Edit or Delete an existing promotion.

Create New Promotion

Clicking the Add Promotion button at the top right of the Promotions list page will open a form where you can enter the details of a new promotion.

Promotion Type

The Promotion Type is set using the drop-down list on the right side of the form underneath the Summary. The type of promotion will define the criteria that need to be set, as well as the applicable discount(s).

Box Set

A “Box Set” promotion enables the creation of “Buy X Get Y” style discounts. For example: “buy 2 burgers, get 1 free.” Instructions on how to configure Box Set promotions are discussed in more detail here.

Name, Description and Short Description

At the very top of the add/edit promotion page you can define the “content” for the promotion, which includes:

  • Promotion Name: a descriptive title for the promotion, which will appear to consumers and also be used within the Foodkit platform to identify the promotion.

  • Description: a full description of the promotion, including any terms and conditions.

  • Short description: a short description of the promotion, including the key benefits and call to action (if any).


A “Message” promotion allows you to add a message to your Promotions Page without actually providing any discount to the customer. This is useful to highlight other discounts that may have been configured in other parts of the platform such as coupon codes or product-specific discounts (via the “before sale price” setting).


Active Date

If you wish to designate a start and/or end date for the promotion, it can be entered under the Active Dates section.

If the start date is set, the promotion will not appear to customers or be applied to any orders before the specified date. Likewise, If the end date is set, the promotion will not appear or apply after the specified end date.


Image Upload

You may also optionally upload an image for the promotion. This will be displayed under the promotions page on the website and in mobile apps (if enabled for your template).


Show 'Order Now' Button

If the Show ‘Order Now’ button option is checked, a call to action button will be displayed on your website and in your applications on the promotions page (if this feature is enabled for your template). When the customer clicks the button they will go to the menu page to initiate order.


Ordering Promotions

You may also set a “Ranking” for the promotion. This will control where the promotion is shown (and in what order it is applied) if there are multiple promotions running concurrently.

Configuring Box Set Promotion:

When configuring a Box Set promotion you must specify the following information:

  • Buy X Get Y: the number of menu items from the eligible list which must be purchased in order to get 1 free.

  • Box set products: the eligible menu items for which the Buy X Get Y should apply.

Box Set - Buy X get 1

By adjusting the Buy value under this panel you can control how many eligible products the customer must purchase in order to get 1 for free.

In the example depicted in the screenshot, the customer needs to buy “1” in order to get “1” free (a typical “BOGOF” promotion).


Box Set - Add/remove box set products

In order to configure a Box Set promotion, you also need to define a list of menu items which are eligible for the promotion. The customer will be able to add any of these items to the shopping cart in order to trigger the promotion (i.e: if multiple products are selected, the customer does not need to buy the exact same menu item in order to trigger the promotion - they just need to add multiple items from the list of eligible products).

Clicking Add product will open a window which you can use to select the eligible products for the box set promotion. When you click on a product, it will be added to the list of eligible products and will be identified as such with a checkmark to the far left of the menu item. Clicking the menu item a second time will remove the tick and remove the product from the list of eligible items.

You can also enter the partial title of the product or a SKU (if set) in the search field in order to find specific menu items more easily.



You can quickly enable or disable a promotion using the On/Off switch under the Promotion Type section. Turning the promotion off will remove it from the promotions page on the website and in the app (if enabled for your template) and will prevent the promotion from being applied to any future orders.

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