The Foodkit loyalty program enables you to create “tiers” which are unlocked by your members as they earn more points. Each tier has its own set of rewards, so you can offer more valuable rewards at upper tiers, encouraging your customers to spend more with your brand to gain access to higher tiers.


Tiers list

When you click on Tiers under the Loyalty menu you’ll be taken to the tiers list. This shows all of the tiers for your restaurant brand, with the following information contained in each row:

  • Icon: the image that is associated with the tier level. This is customer-facing and will be displayed in the app/on the website.

  • Title & milestone: the name of the tier, and the points milestone at which the tier is unlocked for a member.

  • Rewards: this shows the icons of each reward that is associated with the tier.

  • Status: the current status of the tier, which is either enabled or disabled.

Add new tier

If you would like to create a new tier, you can click on the Add new tier button. This will redirect you to the New Tier page where you can provide the information required to create the tier, including the tier name and the points milestone (which is the number of points at which the tier will become unlocked for a member). After the tier is created you can add additional information such as the tier icon and the tier rewards.


Tier details page

After creating a new tier or clicking on the Edit link for an existing tier you will be sent to the Tier Details page. On this page you will be able to see and edit the tier title, the milestone and the tier icon. You will also see any rewards that are currently associated with the tier. If you wish to add rewards to the tier, you can do it from the Rewards submenu.

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