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Clicking on Staff Accounts will open a page where you can see, add, remove and edit user accounts for your in-branch staff. These accounts will be used to log in to the Order Manager Pro app (if relevant and enabled for your Foodkit Account).

Accounts List

The Accounts List shows a table where each row represents a single staff account for this specific restaurant location. Each row has the following columns:

  • Name: The full name of the staff member.

  • Email: The email address for the staff member. Note that this is also the email address that will be used as the username for the staff member when logging in to the Order Manager Pro application.

  • Phone Number (optional): A contact number for the staff member. This is not used by the Foodkit Core Platform directly, but may be useful for informational purposes in case the customer service or management teams need to contact the branch manager.

  • Created On: The date the account was created.

  • Actions (gear icon): Clicking on the gear icon will provide a list of actions that can be taken for the user account.

Disable Account

Disabling a user account will prevent the staff member from using their credentials to log-in to the Order Manager Pro. If a user tries to log-in to the Order Manager Pro using a disabled account, they’ll receive an “Incorrect Username and Password” error message.

Edit Account

Clicking on Edit from the action list for a staff account will open the Edit account page.

From the Edit Account page you can update the key information for the staff account. Note that any changes made on this page will not be saved until the Save button at the bottom right of the page is pressed.

Reset Password

You can reset the password for the Staff Account to a new value by clicking the Reset password checkbox and then entering the password twice: once into the Password field and then again into the Confirm password field. Press the Save button to persist the change.


Upload Profile Photo

You can provide an optional Profile Photo for the user account by clicking Change Profile Photo and uploading a suitable image. This image is shown next to the user account in the Foodkit Platform, but is not visible to the staff member. It is recommended that a square aspect ratio image is used in JPEG format with a resolution no exceeding 200 pixels by 200 pixels.

Add New Account

You can also create a new staff account for the restaurant branch by clicking on the + New Account button. This will open a blank Staff Account form into which you can enter the information for the new staff account. Press Save when you are finished to create the new account.

Note: If you do not provide a password for the account when you create it, a random password will be automatically generated and sent via email to the staff member.

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