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The first page you’ll see upon clicking Menu is the list of menu items. This page includes a table which shows all of the items which have been added to the menu for the restaurant.

Status Tab

The list of menu items displayed in the table can be filtered by the status. By default, only Active products are shown in the list. This can be changed by selecting Disabled or All from the status tab.

Search, Tags, and Categories

The list can also be filtered by:

  • Text search: you can search for a specific menu item by entering all or part of the product title, or by entering the SKU (if SKUs have been set).

  • Tag(s): select one or multiple tags to show menu items which have any of the tags applied to them

  • Category: select a single category to show only products within that category.

Menu Items List Explanation

The menu item table contains one menu item per row. Each column in the row communicates useful information about that particular menu item:

  • Product & description: the name of the menu item and a description (if set).

  • Category: the category within which the menu item has been placed (if any).

  • SKU: the Stock Keeping Unit (also known as Price Look Up code), which is a menu item specific identifier which may be used to link products between Foodkit and external systems (e.g Point of Sale or Enterprise Resource Planning systems).

  • Modifiers: the number of product modifiers which have been applied to the menu item.

  • Price: the current list-price for the item.

  • Availability: shows whether the menu item is currently in-stock at all branches. If not, it will communicate how many branches it is currently in-stock at (e.g “1 of 2 branches”).

  • Status: shows whether the menu item is active on the menu for each restaurant outlet.

Create Menu Item

By clicking Add Menu Item the user is taken to a form where they can add a new item to the menu.

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