After clicking on a row for the Customer List you will be taken to the Customer Details Page for that customer. The Customer Details Page allows you to view and edit customer information such as email, phone number and name. This page also includes a full ordering history, as well as a list of all previous comments associated with the customer.

Edit Customer Details

By clicking the Edit button on the Customer details page the profile is put into edit mode. From here you can change the customer’s name, phone number, email and preferred language setting. Note that the customer’s preferred language controls the default language they see upon opening the website and/or application, and also determines the language that will be used to send notifications (emails, SMSs and push notifications).


Reset Password

You can trigger a password reset for the customer by clicking Reset password on the Customer details page. This will send a secure (temporary) link to the customer via email which when clicked will take them to a form where they can enter a new password for their account.

Add Comments

The Customer Details Page also shows a list of all comments that have ever been entered for the customer by Foodkit users. This list will include comments that were made on previous orders (via the Customer Service Pro, if purchased) or on the customer record itself.

You can add a new comment by typing in the textbox and pressing Submit. Comments are displayed in reverse chronological order and display a timestamp as well as the profile photo and username of the user that added it.


Customer Address

By clicking on the Address tab at the top of the Customer details page you will see a list of all delivery addresses which have been previously entered by the customer (or customer service staff if Customer service dashboard is active).

You can click on the address from the list to select it and display the latitude and longitude for the selected address pinned on a map directly adjacent to the list.

Create or Edit Address

In order to add a new address for the customer which they can use for future orders, you can click on the + New Address button. After clicking this button you’ll be presented with the Add/Edit address form.

You can also edit an existing address by clicking the Edit button directly to the right of the address and at the top of the list.


After clicking Edit :


Add/Edit Address Form

After clicking Add Address or Edit on an existing address you’ll be presented with the add/edit address form which can be used to populate a new address or adjust an existing address.

In order to populate the address you can enter a number of fields, some of which are optional:

  • Name (optional): this is the name of the delivery location. This can be a building, complex or apartment name, or may be blank for freestanding houses/townhouses.

  • Room (optional): room number, for apartments/condos.

  • Floor (optional): floor number for apartments/condos/office buildings.

  • Address (required): the street address for the building.

  • District (optional): the district for the delivery address.

  • City: the city for the delivery address.

  • Directions (optional): instructions for the delivery driver, e.g: “Please call when you arrive in the lobby”.

  • Address for driver (optional): this is an alternative address which may be supplied by customer service to the driver via a third-party logistics service. This is useful in markets where the driver may not understand the address entered by the customer because of language differences. Note: support for this field depends on your third-party logistics integration. Please check with your Foodkit Account Manager before use of this field.

  • Latitude and longitude (required): the exact latitude and longitude of the delivery address should be pinpointed via the street map directly adjacent to the add/edit address form. You can adjust it by clicking and dragging the map pin.

Note that editing an existing address will not impact previous or in-progress orders. The new address information will only be applied to future orders.

Verified vs Unverified Address

Each address for a customer will have a badge next to it which will read as either unverified or verified. Addresses will first appear as unverified when they are first entered by the customer or a Foodkit Admin user. They will be updated to verified after a single successful delivery order to that address.

Note that it may be useful for customer service to contact customers ordering from unverified locations (if the Customer Service Dashboard is enabled) to make sure the address information and map pin are 100% accurate before advancing the order to the Vendor Accepted state.


Tax IDs

You can also click on the Tax IDs link at the top of the Customer details page to view any entered tax IDs for the customer. These may be used for corporate orders when an official tax receipt needs to be provided for the order.

From the Tax IDs page, you can perform several different actions. By clicking Add new tax address you can open a form to enter a new Tax ID for the customer. You can also click the pencil icon next to an existing address to change the information for an existing tax ID. Finally, you can click on the trash icon for an existing tax ID to remove it from the customer profile entirely.


Create new tax ID


If you click on Add new tax address you will be presented with a form from which you can enter a new Tax ID. The fields include:

  • Tax ID: the official registered tax ID for the company. The format of this ID will differ based on country / tax jurisdiction, but is typically a unique (and publicly accessible) numeric or alphanumeric identifier for the company.

  • Company Name: the official registered company name, including any appropriate prefixes and/or suffixes (e.g Pty Ltd).

  • Company Branch: the name of the specific company branch for which this tax ID will be used for ordering purposes. Naming conventions for branches differ between companies, but are typically location-based (e.g King St office).

  • Address: the street address for the company branch.

  • District: the district for the address for the company branch.

  • City/Area: the city for the address for the company branch.

  • State/Province: the state for the address for the company branch.

  • Postcode: the postcode for the address for the company branch.

  • Phone Number: the phone number for the company branch.

  • Head office: a checkbox which indicates (if clicked) that this branch is the official head office of the company.

Edit tax ID

After clicking on the pencil icon next to an existing address you will see the Edit tax ID form. This will show a form similar to the Add new tax ID form, but the form will be pre-populated with the current settings for the selected tax ID. Note that any changes to an existing tax ID will not impact previous or in-progress orders - the new tax information will only be applied to new orders.

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