The Coupon Codes submenu enables you to define and manage unique codes that can be entered by customers during the checkout process to gain access to discounts and/or other benefits.

Coupons List

After opening the Coupon Codes submenu the list of existing coupon codes will appear. These will be shown in reverse chronological order according to the creation date (newest coupons first), with the following information in each row:

  • Status: the current status of the coupon in terms of customer redeemabilty. This will be either Active (coupon can be used by customers), Disabled (coupon has been turned off by a Foodkit platform user) or Expired (the coupon was only available for a limited time period, which has elapsed).

  • Coupon: this column contains the key details which define a coupon including the code itself, a description of the benefit/discount and any conditions on the coupon (e.g date ranges for eligibility).

  • Created by: the email address of the Foodkit user who originally created the coupon.

  • Used: the number of times this coupon has been used by customers.

  • Start: if the coupon is only valid for a limited time starting on a specific date, this is the start date from which the coupon can be used.

  • End: if the coupon is only valid for a limited time ending on a specific date, this is the end date from which the coupon can no longer be used.

  • Action list: clicking on the gear icon will open a list of actions that can be performed on the coupon code which includes two options: Edit and Disable/Enable.

Status Tab

You can filter the list of coupon codes based on their status by clicking one of the options in the tab at the top of the list. Clicking Active, Scheduled or Expired will update the list so that only coupon codes in that respective state are shown. You can reset the table to show all coupons by clicking All.


Search and Reset

You can also search for a specific coupon code by entering the full or partial code in the search field. Simply type the full or partial code and click the search button (magnifying glass icon). You can reset the for to the default state (showing all coupons) by clicking the Reset button.


Coupons List Explanation

Create Coupon

Clicking on the Create Coupon button will take you to a page where you can enter and save details for a new coupon code.

Coupon Code and Discount Name

The first thing you’ll need to do when creating a coupon is to specify the Discount Code that will be entered by customers when they want to redeem the coupon via the website or mobile application(s).

The Discount Code should be unique and at least 8 characters long. How you select the actual code will depend on the use-case:

  • For multi-user or campaign-based coupon codes, you should use something simple and relevant to the promotional campaign. For example: FREESHIPPING, 20PERCENT, SUMMERDEAL.

  • For user-specific coupon codes (such as for customer reimbursements) it’s better to use a partially randomized code so that it is not easily guessed by other users and does not prevent you from running future campaigns with the same code. Examples: JOHN7711, SORRYJOHN8.

Note that the Discount Code is not case sensitive when entered by the customer - “freeshipping” and “FREESHIPPING” will both work.

Underneath the Discount Code you can provide a Discount name. This is an internal name for the coupon code that will be used by Foodkit users to differentiate coupons. It is not shown to the customer. This should usually reflect the campaign name or the reason for the coupon, e.g: “10% January Campaign”, “$20 Reimbursement for John Smith”.


Coupon Options

After defining the code and name for the coupon, you can enter the Options which will determine the discount mechanics for the coupon. This will control the type and amount of discount the customer will receive when entering this coupon.


Discount Type

There are three possible options for Discount type:

  • Fixed Amount: when the coupon is entered the customer will receive a fixed currency amount discount from their order total, for example: $10 off.

  • Percentage Discount: this type of coupon will apply a discount equal to a percentage of the total cart subtotal (before fees and taxes). For example: 20% off.

  • Free Delivery: when this coupon type is added by a customer the delivery fee will be reduced to “0”, regardless of other delivery fee calculation rules. Note this coupon type is not relevant for pickup orders.

  • Free Products: when this coupon type is added by a customer they will be getting a free item from the outlet.

Minimum Purchase

By checking the “This discount requires a minimum purchase value” field and entering a monetary value in the input box below it, a Minimum purchase amount will be set for the coupon code. This will prevent the customer from applying the coupon unless their cart subtotal (total cost of products minus applicable discounts, excluding fees and taxes) is at least the specified minimum.

What is the “Can use with other discounted items” option?

If the “Can use with other discounted items” field is checked, the coupon code discount will be simultaneously applicable with other promotional offers. This means promotions such as “boxed-sets” and discounted products (via the “before sale price” setting on menu items) will also receive an additional discount as a result of the coupon being added.

If the box is unchecked, coupon discounts will not apply to other promotional offers. If the box is unchecked and the customer tries to apply it to an order that contains only products that already have a promotion applied, the coupon will be rejected with an error message.

Usage Limits

The Usage Limits portion of the coupon code editor is used to specify rules and restrictions that govern the use of the coupon code. Usage limits can be set according to the type of customer that can use the coupon (Customer Usage Limits) and the total number of coupon redemptions (Overall Usage Limits).

All customers

When the Customer Usage Limit is set to All customers (the default option for coupons) there is no limit on which customers can use the coupon. Any customer can enter and use the coupon.

Limit to first time online purchasers ONLY

This option will limit the coupon to use by customers who have not placed an online order before. Note that this does not include phone orders (if the Customer Service Dashboard is enabled for your Foodkit license).

Limit to one use per customer

If Limit to one use per customer is selected, the coupon can be used by all customers, but only for a single order. If the customer tries to use the coupon on subsequent order, an error message will be displayed and the coupon will be rejected.

Limit to a specific number of usages per customer

You can also specify a per customer usage limit for the coupon, which enables you to limit the total number of redemptions of each customers.

Limit number of times this coupon can be used

You can also specify a general usage limit for the coupon, which enables you to limit the total number of redemptions for all customers. This is useful for “only valid for first 1000 customer” type promotions.


Exclusion for delivery or pickup orders

The Exclusions section allows you to control what kinds of orders the coupon can be applied to. By default coupons are enabled for both Delivery and Pickup orders, but you can limit use of the coupon to a single fulfillment type by unchecking the other.

Active Date

At the very bottom of the add/edit coupon code page you can specify active dates for the coupon code. When the start date is set, the coupon cannot be applied to orders before the specified date. When the end date is set, the coupon will be rejected after the specified date.

Coupon Summary


At the very top of the add/edit coupon code page on the right hand side (in the yellow panel) is a dynamic summary of the coupon code settings. As you update the coupon details and restrictions, the summary will update in real-time providing a convenient and concise overview of the coupon settings.


Enable/Disable Coupon Code

While on the list of Coupon codes you can click on the gear icon (on the far right of table) and select Disable to mark a coupon as disabled. This will prevent use of the coupon across all channels until it is re-enabled.

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