You can click on the Members submenu under Loyalty to see a list of the customers who have opted-in to your loyalty program.

Search and Reset

You can search for a specific member by entering their email or phone number in the search field and clicking the search icon (magnifying glass). Click reset to clear the search result and return the member list to its original state.

Members List

The members list contains a single row for each member who has registered for your loyalty program. Every row contains the following information:

  • Name: full name of the member.

  • Phone number: contact number for the member in International format.

  • Points: the total number of points earned by this member.

  • Tier: the current tier the member belongs to, based on their points.

  • Joined on: the date the member first opted-in to the loyalty program.

You can also click on a specific row to take you to the member details page for that member.

Member Details Page

The Member Details Page shows expanded information about the member and also allows you to perform routine maintenance activities (e.g manually adding/subtracting loyalty points).

At the left-hand side of the page you will see a profile panel which includes the main information for the member including their name, phone number, email, date of birth, as well as the date they joined the loyalty program.

To the far right, you will see a tally of the member’s current points (based on their spending activity), and the option to manually adjust points to the member’s account.

Adjust Points

When you click on the +Adjust Points button a dialog message will appear on the screen. You will need to input the number of points you wish to add to the member’s account. You can also enter a negative value if you wish to decrease the points balance. In order to complete the action you will also need to provide a reason for this action in the Reason text input field. The Transaction Ref# field should be used to track the transaction number if relevant (if there is a third party transaction reference number), otherwise it should be left blank.

Revenue Events

The Revenue Events panel on the member details page shows an audit log of all points movements (including additions and removals). Each entry shows:

  • Date: the date and time the revenue event was recorded

  • Source: the channel the event was entered from, which is either offline (in-store), online (web or app) or manual (entered via the Foodkit Admin)

  • Reference: the reference number for the transaction that caused the revenue event (if available)

  • Amount: the currency amount

  • Points: the amount of points earned as a result of the transaction

  • Reason: the reason for the revenue event (only relevant for manually entered revenue events)

  • Added by: the email address or username of the user that entered the revenue event (only relevant for manually entered revenue events).

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