The Foodkit Core Platform also includes a number of revenue and sales reports which can be generated and exported in Microsoft Excel format.

These are accessed by clicking on the Reports subitem under the Analytics main menu item. To generate a report you should select the report type, provide the report-specific settings/criteria and then click the Generate Report button. Your report will then be generated and (after a short delay) you will receive a secure URL to download the report via email.


Date Range

When generating a report you must specify the date range for the data. Most reports are limited to a maximum of 1 month or 31 days (to restrict processing time and download size). By default, the date range selector will be set to the current month, but you can easily change this by clicking on the date range selector and either selecting one of the presets (e.g: Past 7 days) or by clicking Custom range and providing a start and end date.

Report Types

You can change the type of report that will be generated by clicking on the Select report type drop-down and selecting the desired report type. The report types are defined below.

Order Sales Report

The Order sales report contains a single row for each order that was created during the selected date range. All accounting values and customer details are included, so it is useful for performing reconciliation with other systems (such as POS or ERP), analysing sales trends and/or importing order/customer data into third-party platforms (CRM, business intelligence, etc.).

When generating an Order sales report you may select to either generate the report for All outlets, or you can limit it to Selected outlets only.


Inventory Sales Report

The Inventory sales report is a line-item based sales report. It allows you to analyse the performance of different SKUs in aggregate and at the level of individual restaurant outlets. You can also filter the result by tags, categories, SKU and whether or not a tax ID was used for the order.

Note that this report requires that SKUs are set on each individual menu item. If SKUs are not set for a product they will not appear on the report.

Loyalty Program Reward Redemption Report

This report shows every instance of a reward redemption. It allows you to cross reference redeemable codes with individual membership IDs. This is only visible for Foodkit accounts that have the loyalty program enabled. Please talk to your account manager if you would like more information about how to enable the loyalty program for your restaurant.

Loyalty Program Tier Movement Report

This report tracks the movement of members between different loyalty program tiers over time. As with the reward redemption report, this report is only visible for Foodkit accounts that have the loyalty program enabled.

Generating the Report

When you have selected the desired report type and entered any relevant filtering information, you can click on the Generate report button to kick off the report generation process.


When the report has been added to the report generation queue you will receive a pop-up message asking you to check your email.


After a few seconds if you check your mailbox, you should receive an email explaining that “Your report is ready”.


You can click on the Download Report button inside the email and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the report.

Didn’t receive an email?

Most reports take less than 1 minute to generate. If the report is exceptionally large or there are multiple users generating reports at the same time, there may be a delay of up to 10 minutes. If you do not receive your report within 10 minutes, please verify that the email address mentioned on the pop-up window matches your email address exactly and that the email was not sent to your “spam” or junk mail folder. After verifying this information if the email is still not received please reach out to technical support or your account manager.

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