The Customers page provides your team with a Customer Relationship Management system within the Foodkit Platform so you can quickly and easily view, manage and export 100% of your customer data.


Upon opening the Customers page within the Foodkit Admin, you will be presented with a list of customers who have signed up through your Web or App eCommerce website.

Search and reset


To find a specific customer, you can enter a range of queries including name, telephone or email.

Customer list explanation


Each row will include the name, email address, phone number and registration date of one of your customers. You can access the Customer details page for a specific customer simply by clicking on the row in the table for that customer.

Export customer data


You can click the Export Customers button at the bottom right of thecustomer list to export all customer records to an Excel spreadsheet file. Depending on the size of your customer database it may take some time for the report to generate. After it has been processed, you will receive a secure link via email which you can use to download the customer list.

Create order

If you’ve purchased the Customer Service Dashboard (CSD) add-on in your Foodkit subscription, you can create a new order from this page by clicking on the New Order button. This wil open the Create Order Wizard which is described in another section.

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