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Clicking Outlets in the navigation menu will take you to the outlet management portion of the Foodkit Core Platform. This section of the application enables you to view and edit existing outlet content and settings (addresses, delivery zones, service hours, etc.) as well as activate new restaurant locations (if your Foodkit license supports additional active locations).

Status Filter

The Status Filter at the top left hand side of the list can be used to control which outlets are visible in the table. The filter can be adjusted by clicking on the relevant status you wish to filter the outlets by (Active or Inactive), or by clicking All to show all locations regardless of status.


Search and Reset

You can also search for a specific restaurant location by name of the outlets or the outlet code. Click reset to remove the filter.

Outlets List Explanation

Each row in the table represents a single restaurant location. The columns for each row include a checkbox (for initiating bulk actions), the restaurant’s logo, the outlet name, and three different status flags: pickup enabled/disabled, delivery enabled/disabled and the restaurant’s activation state (active/inactive).

Bulk Actions

After selecting one or more outlets from the list view via the checkboxes, the user can initiate bulk actions for the selected outlets. Bulk actions include:

  • Make outlets active/inactive: marking a outlet as inactive will remove it from the platform for all ordering actions. Consumers will not be able to see or order from the outlet.

  • Turn on/off pickup: turning pickup off will cause the outlet to be removed from the list of available outlets when consumers select the pickup fulfillment option.

  • Turn on/off delivery: turning delivery off will disable the outlets service area, so customers who attempt to order from within the service area of the outlet will either fall-back to other active outlet with overlapping service areas or will receive an “out of delivery zone” alert.

Outlet Actions

Clicking on the gear icon at the very right of a specific outlet location will open the action list for the outlet. The action list includes the following options:

  • Edit

  • Enable/Disable outlet

  • Ordering Hours

  • Service Area

  • Staff Accounts

Enable/Disable Outlet

Selecting Disable from the action list for a currently active outlet will deactivate it. Deactivating a outlet will hide it from the website and/or application(s) for consumers and prevent new orders being created for the outlet. Selecting Enable for a currently inactive outlet will reverse the action.

New Outlet


While on the outlet list page you can also add a new restaurant location to the Foodkit platform (assuming your license supports it) by clicking on the New Outlet button.


Why do I see “Maximum active outlets limit reached”?

You may receive a “Maximum active outlets limit” error message when trying to add a new restaurant location to your Foodkit account. This means that you have reached the maximum number of active restaurant locations according to your current Foodkit license.

In order to add new active outlets you must either disable existing active outlets, or purchase additional licenses for the locations you wish to add. Please contact your account manager to find out more information.

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