The Foodkit Core Platform includes a comprehensive punchcard-based loyalty program. It enables you to define “rewards” which can be unlocked by your customers when they spend money with your brand. The rewards provide your customers with exclusive discounts which can be redeemed via your website, in your mobile apps and in your physical store locations.

Note: the Foodkit Loyalty Program is typically sold under a different license to the Foodkit Core Platform. Please contact your account manager if you would like more information about enabling it for your restaurant. Also note that support for offline (in-store) redemption of rewards is dependent on POS vendor support.

All subsequent pages under this section assume the loyalty program is enabled for your restaurant.


Clicking on Loyalty in the navigation menu will take you to the Dashboard for your loyalty program. The Dashboard shows a high-level overview of the key metrics for your loyalty program.

Metrics contained on the dashboard

The dashboard contains 7 different metrics panels and a date selector at the top right hand corner of the screen. The date selector will control which time period is used when presenting date-specific analytics. The selected date will be set to the current month by default, but it can be manually adjusted by clicking on it and selecting a different date range.

Note that the 2 top-most metrics panels are not date specific but instead provide statistics for all time. Changing the date range will not impact these panels.

The metrics in each panel are explained below.


The left top-most panel contains three metrics (note that these are not impacted by the selected date range):

  • Total members: this is the number of member registrations for all time.

  • Members growth last week: the number of members who have registered in the past 7 days.

  • Members growth last month: the number of members who have registered in the previous 31 day period.

The Member Signups panel shows a line graph of the total loyalty program registrations on a daily basis.


At the very bottom of the Dashboard are two lists:

  • Top 5 Members by Points: this shows the top 5 points-earning loyalty program members for the selected date range.

  • Best Performing Stores by Points: this shows the top 5 stores based on the number of points earned at that location.

Date selector

The date selector controls the period for which data is displayed on this page for all metrics panels, excluding the two top-most panels which are not controlled by the date selector.

The default date range is set to the current month. By clicking on the date range selector you can change the period to another of preset options including: Today, Yesterday, Last 7days, Last 30 days, This month and Last month. You can also specify a Custom range by clicking that option and specifying the exact start and end date of the time for which you wish to see data.

Don’t forget to click “Apply” before closing the date selector to update the metrics.

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