The Foodkit Core Platform platform includes a dedicated Analytics section. The Analytics menu allows you to view revenue and sales numbers across different date periods, and also provides you with the ability to generate and export a number of detailed reports for external analysis and/or importing into third-party business intelligence tools.

When you click on the Analytics menu item the first page that appears shows a summary of the key revenue and transaction number metrics. This includes three summary panels and a line graph plotting the number of orders and total revenue for the specified date range.

Date Selector

At the top left hand side of the page is a date selector. This will default to the past week upon first opening the page, but can be changed by clicking on it. The following presets are available: Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This month and Last month. You can also select a custom date range by clicking on the Custom Range option and specifying a start and end date. Don’t forget to click Apply before closing the date selector, otherwise the data will not be updated to reflect the selected date range.



At the very top of the Analytics page are 3 metrics panels. The first panel shows the total revenue generated through the Foodkit Core Platform for the selected date range. This includes sales across all Foodkit Core Platform enabled channels, including web, mobile apps and phone orders entered via the Foodkit Customer Service Pro (CSPro).


The second panel shows the total number of orders for the selected date range.

Average Order Value

The final panel shows the average order value (also known as “average basket size”).

Line Graph

The graph below the 3 metrics panels on the Analytics page shows the number of orders and total revenue on a daily basis for the specific date range.

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