The Foodkit Core Platform provides you with a full suite of digital tools to manage and grow your restaurant’s online presence. It includes a wide range of features:

  • Content Management: update your branch and menu content quickly and easily for all digital channels in one place.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): access a comprehensive history of each customer’s interactions with your restaurant so you can provide better support and an individually tailored customer service experience.

  • Analytics: see comprehensive and accurate sales and engagement metrics across your entire restaurant chain in real-time so you can track growth and make better marketing and operational decisions.

  • Marketing Tools: configure promotional banners and pop-ups for your digital channels, as well as send targeted SMSs and push notifications to drive sales and reactivate customers.

  • Real-time Order Management Dashboard: see a dynamic 360-degree view of all orders being processed by your restaurant chain in real-time, so your customer service team can proactively deal with incidents and provide customers with the best possible brand experience.

  • Loyalty Program: an industry-leading loyalty program which rewards your customers when they spend money with your restaurant.

  • User Access Controls and Auditing: fine-grained control over who can view and change data and settings for your restaurants, and an auditable log of changes made by your team.

  • Data Portability: export all customer and order details in an easily portable format so you have complete ownership and control over your data.

This Foodkit Core Platform Guide will provide you with comprehensive and easy to understand instructions on how to get the most out of the Foodkit Platform.

Logging In

In order to access the Foodkit Core Platform, first navigate to the URL for your Foodkit instance. This URL is provided to you during the onboarding process, but if you do not have access to or cannot remember it you may request it from technical support or your account manager.

After navigating to the Foodkit URL, enter the Email Address and Password you used to register your Foodkit account and press Login. There will be a short delay and (if the credentials were correctly entered) you will be logged in and redirected to the Dashboard page.

Forgotten Passwords

If you cannot log in with your credentials or cannot remember your password, you may click on the Forgot your password link at the bottom left hand corner of the login form. This will redirect you to a page where you can enter your email address, which we will use to send a secure password reset link. Check your inbox after a short delay (10-15 seconds) and follow the instructions on the password reset email.

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